We are very proud of our school library here at Holy Family. Our school library is found in the centre of the school and is very much an integral part of the teaching and learning that happens here. We house an excellent collection of current fiction and nonfiction books. Our library staff are Janet Carmichael, Teacher Librarian (TL) who works here on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Our Library Assistant is Mrs Tracey Newcombe and she works on Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternate Mondays. 

Students at Holy Family visit the library at least twice a week - once for borrowing (Wednesday or Thursday) with Mrs Newcombe and once to have a lesson with Mrs Carmichael. 

On borrowing days, each child is required to have a library bag, preferably waterproof. This helps to ensure that books will be well protected on their journey home and back to the library. Library Bags are available from the school office or Uniform Shop but any waterproof bag is fine. If a child is absent on their borrowing day, they can visit the library before school or during breaks to swap their books over. 

During library lessons, students will learn valuable information literacy skills and develop skills in research linking the English syllabus to content in relation to the History and Geography Syllabus. The students will apply these skills under the information communication technology (ICT) umbrella to support the effective use of technology.  

The library is open during the second half of lunch time every day except Tuesday. Students are welcome to participate in Lunch Club where we socialize and play card games such as UNO, board games and chess and build and create with Lego and blocks. We read, draw, talk and get to meet other children in the school. 

The library is a bright and vibrant learning space in our school.